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Holy crap, the number of spam type comments I've been getting. You think putting the journal as private will help, cause I don't want to have to keep deleting these comments. It's ridiculous.
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Vacation and Update

So, I'm going on vacation soon for most of July. I'll be near the equator and dying of heat, visiting family, going on a tour where they'll cram has much stuff in a week that's possible for us tourist.

Otherwise, I was accepted to the school I have chosen, so I'll be in an acting school in September. 0.o (Never saw this turn in my life).

Second otherwise, I've been busy with my Gaming channel on youtube. It can take up a fair bit of time, such as recording and editing. At least I'm done with the independent game that had the most horrible sound levels. It was all over the place and was simply more work for me, having to lower segments of audio every few moments or so.
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Update of I'm Not Dead

It's been so long. what happened?

I moved into my new place. I've got lovely furniture and now I need to learn how to feed myself. I'm going to be gone for the entire month of July, since I'm going on vacation to Asia. As usual. It's my grandfather's birthday. I think he's 80-sth years old.

I know, I don't know his exact age. But they're on the other side of the world, and I really see my grandparents. My not speaking Chinese also provides a nice big language barrier.

What else is there to say?

I'm going to school in September. I only need to choose which acting school I'd like to go to.

Otherwise, I haven't been active because my other journal is keeping me very preoccupied.

Oh and in fandom news. Bobby! ;_; I'll miss you. RIP.
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Chiak's doing Let's Play

So I have a gaming channel now as Chiak Adventures. XD

The strangest part of doing this is that I've made music and making more, for the purpose of making the Let's Play more interesting. Because who wants to watch 25 minutes of someone trying to solve a massive Sudoku.

I've embedded a vid. To get to the music part head to the time 3.50


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New Place

So fairly soon my new condo is going to complete, and then I'll be moving in slowly. I'll probably be a month without the larger furniture, but I say if you give me my internet I'll be happy. :P Luckily though I live near a mall, so I can simply head down there and access some public wifi. I wasn't aware the mall's foodcourt had wifi, now I do. As for my soon-to-be new home.

I'm more excited about my walk-in closet, because I get to figure out how to set-up my recording studio. I'll definitely have bigger space, so I don't have to worry about hitting hangers while I'm recording. >_<

As of right now, I have a slew of audition to go for, and podfic!!!!
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Seriously! What?!

So I just got a text from my friend saying that CBS had greenlit their own Modern Sherlock version. After watching the 2nd series, the bar is set fairly high for me. Well, it's a wait and see.
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Happy Friday the 13th!

As the subject says, have a very lucky day. I should emphasize good luck in this case.

As for any luck with I'm currently getting back into the auditioning process for voice work, and I may already have one prospective project to be a part of. I would absolutely love it if I get the part, because I love adventure games. For people working on it as 'hobbyist,' the eye-candy they got looks fantastic.

And since I'm back on the audio horse, hopefully I'll be getting back to podfic.

So again, Happy Friday the 13th everybody! Enjoy the day!

ETA: Almost forgot, I got my friend into Merlin. Really not much effort on my part, at least I don't remember putting in effort. Either way, Colin Morgan's got a sexy Northern Irish accent and she just discovered The Real Merlin & Arthur segment.